Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Re-creation

The Dress:

^ Front view ^
A work in progress still. I only fixed the zipper and upgraded the buttons.
I think I might put fabric on top of the pockets, or to something on the bottom.
Maybe something underneath, like tulle or something.
Bought at Goodwill, broken and unwanted.
The sad story of a thrift-store-dress.
So when I noticed it, I did indeed think "hmm.. potential." just as any mentor would to an artist/athlete/performer.
so I bought it, and have been sketching up plans for its future!
And when I'm done, off to * it will go!
(*I will post pictures of the finished product here on the blog first, and then give a link to the dress when I put it up on Ebay)

The back of it (sorry the tie isn't ironed. at all.)

I re-made the buttons.
From queasy bad, to easy fab.
(ya, I just said that. I went there. "Like Degrassi, I went there.")

love you all, thanks for reading!

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