Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For Lookbook

Santa Barbara 2010

The Hippie Junk Van!!
We loved the Santa Barbara arts and crafts fair. So much fun, and so many crazy people we met! There were a few that we already knew from past trips, and boy were they happy to experiment on us with their products.
Pier dress-code.
This is just 1/3 of the shoes displayed at this Goodwill.

We found this cute consignment store in Santa Barbara with amazing clothes (from big designer labels).
It was a cute little shop, so sad there wasn't anything in my price range!
My mom and I built this 'beach home' when all of us went to the beach on the last day. It has a little driftwood 'bear' friend waiting at the door, a table and chairs, bowl art on the table, a couch with orange pillows, and what we decided would be wall art.
Oh, and don't forget the hanging lights and two windows on the far side!
A little grocery store where we bought some sandwiches on the way home.
Right by the little market is this amazing spiritual garden called The Sacred Space. Its 6 separate rooms and all of the surrounding space is filled with gorgeous statues and plants and rocks and water.
It was so overwhelming in real life because the whole area is so large and breathtakingly beautiful.
It was so cold outside I actually wore two of my dad's jackets over each other. (Why has this summer been colder than our winter?)
Oh, I love elephants so much. <3

So that was my trip to Santa Barbara/ Summerland. I'll be posting outfits on lookbook/ the blog soon.

Thanks to everyone who visits my blog!
love ya,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Lookbook post

so i have yet to add my outfit from last night, but heres one from a while ago.
I have a folder on my desktop of looks not yet posted, and this was the last one!

(i know, so simple compared to my usual experimental outfits) if you like it, please hype!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Birthday Gift!

My lovely friend Kaitie is turning 16!!
She is the sweetest girl ever. So it is perfectly appropriate to call it her Sweet 16!
I had a fun time with the wrapping! :)
(creme tissue paper with a white lace bow, and a peacock feather tag)
and THIS my friends, is how a Cooper wraps a gift. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So I have a Lookbook. *(crazy right? who would have thought??) ... (*SARCASM)
And I haven't updated it for almost two weeks, but I promise I will be uploading a new outfit tomorrow!
so here is the link so that you can Hype it if you like it! (don't be Hype-shy please)
So ya! Enjoy.

Love you all, still.

ps, if you are unsure what a Lookbook.nu is, it is a fantastic website where people from ALL OVER THE WORLD can post pictures of what they are wearing. It is basically so that people can share fashion and ideas! You are allowed to post new looks every 6 hours, and tag it with colors, name it, and tell from where and what you are wearing. It is an Invite-Only site, so if you think you are fashionable, or would like to share your style, ask a friend that has one to send you an invite. It only takes a second!
You can look at posts at Lookbook.nu even if you are not a member, so go check it and and see if you like it! You might just love it!

The Re-creation

The Dress:

^ Front view ^
A work in progress still. I only fixed the zipper and upgraded the buttons.
I think I might put fabric on top of the pockets, or to something on the bottom.
Maybe something underneath, like tulle or something.
Bought at Goodwill, broken and unwanted.
The sad story of a thrift-store-dress.
So when I noticed it, I did indeed think "hmm.. potential." just as any mentor would to an artist/athlete/performer.
so I bought it, and have been sketching up plans for its future!
And when I'm done, off to *Ebay.com it will go!
(*I will post pictures of the finished product here on the blog first, and then give a link to the dress when I put it up on Ebay)

The back of it (sorry the tie isn't ironed. at all.)

I re-made the buttons.
From queasy bad, to easy fab.
(ya, I just said that. I went there. "Like Degrassi, I went there.")

love you all, thanks for reading!

The Fashion Room

The newest addition to the world of "Bed Room" on the wall next to my *"War- Drobe" (*movie reference!! hope you know which one!)
Quite a cute thing, such a determined face. Sadly, that determination won't be getting it anywhere. Because I'm keeping him on my wall. He guards my door.

My *fashion magazines on the bookshelf.
(*the only actual books or book-like things on the bookshelf, due to excess trinkets etc.)
There is Teen Vogue, a single ELLE magazine, some foreign ones, two thick fashion books -one about designers, one about designers/models/photographers/etc!- , a booklet in a CD case from FIDM 3 Days Of Fashion, and my sparkling little friend that I keep out year round, not just during holidays (much too lovable to box up).

My dresser. My inspiration.
I look at it everyday, and it was quite bare before.
Perfect place for me to tape up my inspiration!

My dear closet.
It contains some of my very best friends.


The Floral Closet is... a closet made up of Floral printed clothing.
Of course, there is much more to this closet, much much more. But this heart of mine tends to gravitate towards all of that floral.

Maybe its an obsession. Maybe a weird new kind of addiction. For me, I'm not sure.

All I know, is that its me, and my floral.