Thursday, July 22, 2010

So I have a Lookbook. *(crazy right? who would have thought??) ... (*SARCASM)
And I haven't updated it for almost two weeks, but I promise I will be uploading a new outfit tomorrow!
so here is the link so that you can Hype it if you like it! (don't be Hype-shy please)
So ya! Enjoy.

Love you all, still.

ps, if you are unsure what a is, it is a fantastic website where people from ALL OVER THE WORLD can post pictures of what they are wearing. It is basically so that people can share fashion and ideas! You are allowed to post new looks every 6 hours, and tag it with colors, name it, and tell from where and what you are wearing. It is an Invite-Only site, so if you think you are fashionable, or would like to share your style, ask a friend that has one to send you an invite. It only takes a second!
You can look at posts at even if you are not a member, so go check it and and see if you like it! You might just love it!

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