Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Fashion Room

The newest addition to the world of "Bed Room" on the wall next to my *"War- Drobe" (*movie reference!! hope you know which one!)
Quite a cute thing, such a determined face. Sadly, that determination won't be getting it anywhere. Because I'm keeping him on my wall. He guards my door.

My *fashion magazines on the bookshelf.
(*the only actual books or book-like things on the bookshelf, due to excess trinkets etc.)
There is Teen Vogue, a single ELLE magazine, some foreign ones, two thick fashion books -one about designers, one about designers/models/photographers/etc!- , a booklet in a CD case from FIDM 3 Days Of Fashion, and my sparkling little friend that I keep out year round, not just during holidays (much too lovable to box up).

My dresser. My inspiration.
I look at it everyday, and it was quite bare before.
Perfect place for me to tape up my inspiration!

My dear closet.
It contains some of my very best friends.

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